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DANS Data Trail: How the EOSC Association stimulates community based Open Science

The European Open Science Cloud Association was founded in 2020 and aims at advancing open science in Europe. In order to coordinate and steer the developments, community based Advisory Groups and corresponding Task Forces have been created. 

In this webinar we will offer an introduction to the EOSC Association, and present an overview of the Task Forces that DANS is involved in. Although the Task Forces have only been installed recently, we hope to give you a sneak preview of the impact and outputs that you may expect from each of them.

The webinar specifically targets policy makers and data professionals who are interested in the international landscape around Open Science and the EOSC.


  • Ellen Leenarts – Task Force: Upskilling countries to engage in EOSC
  • Marjan Grootveld – Task Force: FAIR metrics and data quality
  • Andrea Scharnhorst – Task Force: Semantic interoperability
  • Wim Hugo – Task Force: Technical interoperability of data and services
  • Ingrid Dillo – Task Force: Long-term data preservation

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This webinar will be online and held in English. There is no charge for this webinar but registration is obligatory. You can register via the form. After registration, you will receive the link to the meeting a day or two before the event date.

Quelle: https://dans.knaw.nl/en/agenda/dans-data-trail-webinar-sneak-preview-how-the-eosc-association-stimulates-community-based-open-science/

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10 Feb 2022


15:30 - 17:00

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