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SHU – MGI – FAIR-DI Workshop 2021 on FAIR-Data-Driven Materials Research

FAIR-DI cordially invites you to join its online workshop on the topic of FAIR-Data-Driven Materials Research. The workshop will take place on June 17, 2021.

The goal of this workshop is to further explore the topic, bring the community closer together, and foster new discussions.

The workshop is organized by FAIR-DI and the Materials Genome Institute of Shanghai University.


Date: June 17, 2021

Tongyi Zhang
/Matthias Scheffler
15:00-15:05 (China)09:00-09:05 CESTOpening remarks and workshop group picture
Claudia Draxl15:05-15:35 (China)09:05-09:35 CESTIntroduction and overview of FAIRmat
Qian Quan15:35-16:05 (China)09:35-10:05 CESTMaterials data specification and SHU MGI data platform
Markus Scheidgen16:05-16:35 (China)10:05-10:35 CESTData infrastructure and the NOMAD oasis
Jiong Yang16:35-17:05 (China)10:35-11:05 CESTMIP data infrastructure and the Applications in Thermoelectrics
Luigi Sbailo17:05-17:35 (China)11:05-11:35 CESTNOMAD Artificial Intelligence Toolkit
Yi Liu17:35:18:05 (China)11:35-12:05 CESTMachine learning accelerated computational and experimental materials design
Tongyi Zhang
/Matthias Scheffler
18:05-18:10 (China)12:05-12:10 CESTConclusions and Closing remarks

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Runhai Ouyang (rouyang@shu.edu.cn

Quelle: https://www.fair-di.eu/events/SHU-MGI-FAIRDI-Workshop-2021

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05 Dez 2023


8:00 - 12:10

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