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FAIRsFAIR workshop “Tools and Support to foster FAIR Data practices in Europe”

This 90min practice session will showcase practical solutions for the use of the FAIR data principles throughout the research data life cycle, namely fostering FAIR data culture and the uptake of good practices in making data FAIR. The session will have presentations from different FAIRsFAIR tools and support programs to repository managers, research data managers, service providers, data stewards and higher education institutes. Some implementation stories will be showcased of how FAIRsFAIR is supporting the improvement of data FAIRness and interoperability, across disciplines dealing with data. There will be opportunity for interaction and discussion with the audience.

Who should join this session?

  • Repository Managers interested in long-term data preservation and improving the interoperability levels of their repository;
  • Research Data Managers looking forward to implementing efficient and secure procedures for data management and analysis with attention to FAIR aspects;
  • Service Providers aiming to provide services that support the implementation of the FAIR data principles;
  • Higher Education Institutes interested in providing better training of researchers and students in Open Science and in the development of research data management skills and competencies;


  • 5min: Welcome and overview of FAIRsFAIR (Ingrid Dillo – DANS-KNAW Data Archiving and Networked Services)
  • 8min: FAIR Semantics, Interoperability, and Services (Jessica Parland-von Essen – CSC ICT Solutions for Brilliant Minds)
  • 8min: FAIR-Aware (Linas Cepinskas – DANS-KNAW Data Archiving and Networked Services)
  • 10min: FAIRsFAIR Data Object Assessment Metrics and  F-UJI Automated FAIR Data Assessment Tool (Robert Huber – MARUM)
  • 10min: Questions and Answers
  • 8min: FAIRsFAIR Repositories Certification Support (Linas Cepinskas – DANS-KNAW Data Archiving and Networked Services)
  • 8min: FAIRsFAIR Competence Centre (Gabin – Science and Technology Facilities Council)
  • 8min: FAIR for Higher Education Institutes (Federica Garbuglia – European University Association)
  • 10min: Questions and Answers
  • 10min: Quizz about presentations
  • 5min: What’s next & Closing Remarks (Ingrid Dillo – DANS-KNAW Data Archiving and Networked Services)

What will be presented?


FAIR-Aware is an online tool which helps researchers and data managers assess how much they know about the requirements for making datasets findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable before uploading them into a data repository. The FAIR Data Object Assessment Metrics evaluates the FAIRness of data objects within trustworthy repositories. These metrics are based on prior and existing global work, such as funders, the RDA Maturity model work as well as the FAIR Working Group (WG) from the European Open Science Cloud. The F-UJI Automated FAIR Data Assessment Tool runs practical tests against these metrics to support repositories in evaluating the FAIRness of the data they hold. F-UJI adheres to existing web standards and utilises external registries and resources and aims to be a FAIR data assessment tool in the EOSC. Practical examples about how the F-UJI tool is being used and adapted by a number of initiatives will be provided during the session.

Die Veranstaltung ist beendet.


27 Okt 2021


13:00 - 14:30

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FAIRsFAIR “Fostering FAIR Data Practices In Europe”
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