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Lessons in Open Science: Best Practices in Personal RDM

Fr, 01.10.2021 13:00 Uhr – 13:30 Uhr, Online-Veranstaltung, Andreas von der Dunk

Simply making your data „open“ does not make your data usable. Usability is the result of other people being able to make sense of your data: the quality of your filenames, your folder structure and your documentation greatly contribute to the level of reusability of your data.

Unfortunately, many datasets publicly available are far from being self-explanatory, making them less attractive for other researchers to use them. We shouldn’t fool ourselves: chances are very slim that any researcher feels a desire to dig through a pile of cryptically labeled and unsorted data – no matter how “great” we think the data is.

But don’t despair: it is neither difficult nor time consuming to maintain your data in a way that invites other researchers to investigate and explore. In this short lesson we get you started with some basic best practices on file organization and documentation.

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01 Okt 2021


13:00 - 13:30

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