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RDA4EOSC Webinar – Organisational approaches to enhancing skills and improving training

This webinar is focused on organisational approaches to enhancing skills and improving training related to research data management and Open Science. The aim is to highlight how alignment in terms of skills and training policies and practices enables improved organisational engagement with EOSC and other research commons in the longer term. 

Realising the promise of Open Science is highly dependent on and, at the moment, limited in many areas by the shortage of appropriately skilled workforce (OECD, 2020) (European Commission, 2021). Endeavours like EOSC and other global and regional research commons are dependent on this expertise but also play an instrumental role in building and nurturing the workforce in the future to empower individuals and organisations. To best contextualise this, the webinar will discuss in particular the relevant outcomes of the work of the EOSC Skills & Training Working Group from an organisational perspective. 


Michelle Barker is the Director of the Research Software Alliance (ReSA), which brings research software communities together to collaborate on the advancement of research software. She also works as a consultant in the sector on projects that utilize her extensive expertise in open science, research software, digital workforce capability and digital research infrastructures, Michelle chaired the OECD Global Science Forum expert group on digital skills for the research sector from 2018-2020, and edited the EOSC Skills & Training Working Group “Digital skills for FAIR and Open Science” report. Michelle is also co-chair of the RDA Organisational Advisory Board. 

Iryna Kuchma is the Open Access Programme Manager for EIFL. She was the EOSC Skills & Training WG rapporteur and editor of the “Digital skills for FAIR and Open Science” report. She coordinates the OpenAIRE’s Open Science training and Community of Practice for training coordinators and managers and in her role at EIFL she has been working on collaborations with libraries and library consortia in more than 60 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, advocating for open access to research results, supporting the development and implementation of open science policies and infrastructures and providing support and training. 

REGISTRATION open at https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_LaGY-dhbRRWdnLXhECu6OA

The webinar falls under the activities related to the institutional, policy maker and global stakeholder engagement pillar of RDA4EOSC co-creation grant. 

The Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) has been coordinating the RDA4EOSC activities around disciplinary and organisational engagement in EOSC. To lean more visit https://www.dri.ie/launching-rda4eosc-new-initiative-research-data-allia…

References and further reading

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05 Dez 2023



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