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The Interoperability of Cultural-Heritage Institution Data in the Digital Space

On 8 October 2021, the National Library of Latvia (NLL) and the Information and Documentation Terminology Subcommittee of the Terminology Committee at the Latvian Academy of Sciences plan to hold their annual terminology conference.

The theme of this year’s conference will be The Interoperability of Cultural-Heritage Institution Data in the Digital Space: Terminological Aspects. The theme was chosen in connection with the of NLL Institute of Bibliography (2020–2022) project Latvian Memory Institution Data in the Digital Space: Connecting Cultural Heritage, under the Programme of Fundamental and Applied Research implemented by the Latvian Council of Science (project partner – University of Latvia Faculty of Humanities). The main tasks of the project are to study and describe the potential for cooperation between memory institutions in the field of cultural heritage, as well as to prepare recommendations on how to ensure the interoperability of data, created by memory institutions, in the digital environment. Terminology is also important for cultural heritage institutions to be able to agree on a new data model.

A 21st century trend in the field of data is the co-creation and re-use of cross-sectoral data in the digital environment and the development of its semantic interoperability.

Conference goals are to find common points in the data standards and models used in archives, libraries, and museums and to discuss the options for and problems in their integration. Resource Description and Access (RDA) is one of the current standards and the implementation of RDA in the library environment is related to the development of more than 5 000 new terms in Latvian.

Colleagues from Estonia and Lithuania, as well as Finland and Germany, will share their experience, achievements and challenges on cooperation opportunities in the integration of digital-object data, especially in the issue of semantic interoperability. Experts from the NLL and representatives of the Information and Library Studies Department of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Latvia will also present their research and experience.

The conference target audience is representatives of cultural heritage institutions, library specialists and specialists from related institutions, students, specialists in terminology work and interested persons.

Participation in the conference will be free of charge.

If you want to take part at the conference with a scientific report or speech, please send an outline of your idea to e-mail inta.virbule@lnb.lv(link sends e-mail) or inese.kazaka@lnb.lv(link sends e-mail).

We are currently planning an online conference. Changes may occur in accordance with the epidemiological situation in participating states.

Conference support: Programme of Fundamental and Applied Research implemented by the Latvian Council of Science.

Additional information:

Inta Virbule
Institute of Bibliography               
National Library of Latvia
E-mail: inta.virbule@lnb.lv

Inese Kazāka
Library Development Centre
National Library of Latvia
E-mail: inese.kazaka@lnb.lv (link sends e-mail)

Quelle: https://lnb.lv/en/planning-terminology-conference-has-started

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08 Okt 2021



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