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Realising the European Open Science Cloud

Towards a FAIR research data landscape for the social sciences, humanities and beyond

EOSChub, FREYA and SSHOC are joining forces in shaping the EOSC. 

The main objectives of the four-day program are to: 

  • Showcase the results achieved to date in each of the projects
  • Teaching to use the new tools and techniques developed to improve data FAIRness and prepare data and services to be aggregated into the EOSC Portal
  • Identify and onboard new members to the project communities
  • Foster citizen science and collaborations with industry

Through interactive sessions, expert panels, live demonstrations, and discussions the convenors cover:

  • Data policy and governance
  • Technology and infrastructure
  • Training and community building
  • Sustainability management

Die Veranstaltung ist beendet.

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05 Dez 2023



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