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Webinar: Data Management Basics 1: Introduction to data management and sharing

“This introductory session is intended for researchers and anyone who wants to learn about research data management. Data management is essential to make sure that well organised, well documented, high quality and shareable research data result from our research projects. This webinar provides an overview of how to manage, document, store and safeguard research data well and how to plan and implement good data management in research projects, with a view to optimising data sharing.

We will discuss the key essential processes: of writing a data management plan for research grants; documenting your data appropriately and effectively; formatting and organising your data; and, storing your data, including data transfer, encryption, and file sharing.

The free webinar will consist of a 45 minute presentation followed by 15 minutes for questions and discussion.

Presenter: Anca Vlad

Level: Introductory 
Experience/knowledge required: Basic methods of qualitative or quantitative data research 
Target audience: Researchers/anyone interested in data management

This event is part of the UK Data Service Introductory Training Series: Spring 2021   

Recordings of UK Data Service webinars are made available on our YouTube channel and, together with the slides, on our past events pages soon after the webinar has taken place.”

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03 Mrz 2024


12:00 - 13:00

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