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EU Open Data Days – Shaping our future with open data

Online from Luxembourg to the world: The Publications Office of the European Union is organising the first EU Open Data Days

Data is a key asset for digital transformation. It is a building material for research and innovation,  personalised products and services, powerful new technologies and better decision-making. These translate into solutions to societal challenges that can improve and even save people’s lives, as the current pandemic demonstrates. Open data is also freely available to generate value through reuse. 

This unique online event will serve as a knowledge hub, bringing the benefits of open data and its reuse to the EU public sector, and through it to people and businesses. Get inspired and discover the latest trends and most innovative solutions!

The EU Open Data Days comprise: 

EU DataViz

23 – 24 NOVEMBER 2021

EU DataViz link to the event page

The open data and data visualisation conference for public administration. 

EU DataViz 2021 addresses the needs of the EU’s public sector engaged in open data and data visualisation. It provides a platform to explore the latest trends in open data and data visualisation – a crucial tool to explore and explain complex information in a meaningful way. 

Want to be speaker at the conference? Submit your proposal by 21 May!

EU Datathon

25 NOVEMBER 2021

EU Datathon link to the event page

The EU open data competition.

EU Datathon allows the tech community to put into practice the open data produced by the EU institutions, agencies and bodies and to showcase its value. Previous editions of EU Datathon have shown that the potential of open data, combined with talent and creativity, is limitless! 

Submit your ideas and compete in the event!

The EU Open Data Days have a particular focus on the EU’s public sector and data enthusiasts. They are also relevant for policymakers, researchers, academia, private entities, students and citizens interested in the power of open data as a factor determining our future. 

Are you one of them? The EU Open Data Days 2021 has a lot to offer you. Do not miss the opportunity to participate in one or both events!   Stay tuned and follow @EU_opendata

Quelle: https://op.europa.eu/en/web/euopendatadays

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