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Trainings and Games Related to Research Data

INCONECSS takes place every three years. The last time we saw each other was in 2019. In a time without masks, without lockdown and without the need for distance.

We want to use the time between conferences to exchange ideas and to stay in touch. Because a lot is happening at the moment.

That’s why we have created the INCONECSS Community Events. Every 3 months, we invite you to take a closer look at a current topic and to share your experiences with others.

Community Meeting No. 4: “Trainings and Games Related to Research Data”

The fourth event will take place on December 13th, 2:30-4:00 p.m. CET

Preliminary Programme

Meeting organizer, Dr Tamara Pianos, ZBW

Welcome and Introduction:
Thorsten Meyer, Chief Librarian, ZBW

Lightning Talks on “Trainings and Games Related to Research Data”
(7 minutes per Lightning Talk)

Elisa Rodenburg

Research Data Steward, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands
“Data Horror Virtual Escape Room”
Photo: René Knoop

Samuel Simango

Manager Research Data Services at Stellenbosch University, South Africa
“The Gamification of Research Data Management”
Information on the game

Markus Herklotz

University of Mannheim, Germany
“BERD Data Literacy Snacks”

Christian Zimmermann

PhD, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, USA
Econ Lowdown: Student and Teacher resources for data literacy, and now a data literacy certification for librarians.”

Dr Nadine Neute

University of Erfurt
“Research Data Scary Tales”

Time for some questions in the main room: 5 questions in 5 minutes

Meet the speakers for Questions, Discussions and Ideas in different breakout rooms

Breakout rooms /speakers:

  • Elisa Rodenburg, Data Horror Virtual Escape Room
  • Samuel Simango, Gamification of Research Data Management
  • Markus Herklotz, BERD Data Literacy Snacks
  • Christian Zimmermann, econlowdown
  • Dr Nadine Neute, Research Data Scary Tales

You will have the chance to visit different rooms.

Closing of the event in the main room

Please register here.

Quelle: https://www.inconecss.eu/community.html

Die Veranstaltung ist beendet.


13 Dez 2021


14:30 - 16:00

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